Empower Thyself


This two-day workshop is for people who want to reach their highest human potential, develop their spiritual awareness, and expand their capacity to create in the world.

Our goal is to work with students who are excited about their personal progression and who value themselves and their development. The Empower Thyself training and initiation opens the door to your highest potential as a human being. It is the beginning of a journey into knowing yourself, understanding and developing your innate gifts, and learning how to consciously create what you want in life.

Are you ready to transform your life and walk through the door to your next level of empowerment?


£1000 Early Bird Price upon request

Empower Thyself


Sacred Geometry 1


Do you want to learn the first language of the universe?

Do you want to learn how to align your mind with the frequencies of creation?

Experience the sacred geometries that are the foundation for creation. Move beyond theoretical information and learn to feel the energy of the symbols that connect you to God and the Universe. Walk away with tools that will imbue your space with the highest vibrations and learn how to seal your work and home spaces with this energy. You will learn how to create an energetic Temple in any space where you can connect to your deepest self and God. Merge deeply with these symbols as they open up gateways to your own soul and learn more about who you are. This is an ancient teaching preserved and handed down by the Mystery School for over 3000 years in an unbroken lineage.

Investment: £100 / $150, 3-4 hr class

Sacred Geometry

Astral Travel

Astral Travel is the art of expanding one’s awareness beyond the physical body in order to explore the universe at the speed of thought.

Using this method, you can travel anywhere you want. The only limitation is your own mind or lack of imagination.

In this class you will learn how to:

•  Astral Travel while in a conscious state

•  Travel safely, taking all precautions

•  Prepare the physical body, mind and surroundings for Astral Travel

The astral plane is one of the great, real workshops of the universe. Through Astral Travel you will be able to receive intimate spiritual teachings related to your personal path, thus enhancing and accelerating your spiritual growth.

The techniques taught are from authentic Mystery School teachings.

Investment: £100/ $150, 3-4 hr class

Astral Travel

Sanctuary Meditation

Have you ever wanted to learn to meditate, or just get better at it?

Then the Sanctuary Meditation class is for you.

Over four hours you will take 2 amazing journeys into your sanctuary, find answers to those questions you have been asking, get clarity on what move to make next, or simply learn how to switch off the mind so you can truly relax. Once relaxed, the body and mind can achieve 10 times more in a day than when we are stressed… so you see meditation has something for everyone.

No experience needed, just bring yourself and the will to try it out!

Investment: £50 / $80, 4 hr class

Know Thyself

Journeys of the Spirit


Come and join us for an unforgettable day of meditational journeys. As we delve into the exploration of our perceptions. With the use of our senses we will be exploring all our psychic gifts and abilities.  You don’t need any experience or expertise to have the maximum benefit from this class. It will help you develop your sensitivity so you can tune into other ways of perception and get more information from higher realms. Here you will meet and work with your higher self, who is your best friend and confidant in life! We will be working with all the elements and balancing your inner male and female energies. You will also receive keys to enlightenment, power and personal development, abundance, creativity, and love, that you can take home with you to deepen your practice.

Investment: £200/ $300, one day course from 10am – 6pm

Journeys of the Spirit



Exploring the sacred geometries further, we will go deep into the mysteries of crystals and how we can enhance our homes with four powerful geometric forms.

These teachings come directly from the ancient MU Text – the ancient methods of calling in unseen forces are many. In this class we will explore one of these. You will learn how to call in energies that will establish a good home and a better life.

Included is:

Crystal Magick
Crystal Healings
Crystal Readings
Crystal Dreaming
Crystal Magickal Forms
Enhancing Home Geometry
Creating a wonderful home environment
And More






Have you ever wanted to be an energy healer or are you looking for a new healing modality to add to your toolbox?

The Ensofic Ray healing is a powerful modality that helps to heal on many levels; within your physical body, mind, and soul.  It is said to be the “panacea” of life, or elixir of life.  It uses the purest and most powerful ray that comes to us from Ensof, the infinite and almighty being some refer to as God.  This ray is the 1st ray of creation and one of many rays of light that Ensof sent out in the creation of the universe, making it a very powerful healing modality that penetrates into the core of the being to help on multiple levels of the physical and energy bodies.

In this 2 day class you will learn the foundations of this ancient modality and how to channel and hold the ray to perform the hands on healing for others.  As well as the healings portion, there will be metaphysical teachings on our paths as spirits, our connection to God, and our creation to this world. Within each day you will also receive an attunement within your aura to open up the channel to allow this ray to come through.

In this training, you will learn:

  • About the lineage of this healing
  • The importance of Good and Beauty
  • Techniques and exercises on how to bring stillness to the mind
  • Circulation massage to assist clients in sessions

Benefits of Ensofic Ray Healing:

  • A re-alignment of the body, soul, and spirit
  • Release old wounds that cause suffering
  • More clarity and awareness
  • Stress release
  • Pain relief
  • Better circulation
  • Heal mentally and emotionally
  • Heal physical ailments


Ensofic Ray Fundamentals ~ Practitioner Training is a pre-requisite for future Ensofic Ray Practitioner training.