Wolverhampton university women in business event. Kate was part of a panel of experts in business answering questions and sharing how to take your business to a global status.

Kate with Sara Pritchard before the event.
Kate with Sara Pritchard before the event.


15 Minutes to Happy Healthy Kids

15 Minutes to Happy, Healthy Kids

Explorers Club

This book is part of the Intermediate training supplied by Mini Me Yoga to grownups that have the foundation level training.

15 Minutes to Happy, Healthy Kids includes:

15 classes of various time lengths, how to use props, music, space, children of different ages and what works plus a mix and watch section so you can make 100’s of classes of your very own.

Mama On Mission … Because you are enough

Kate is a co-author with 6 other women supporting women. Kate section is targeted at the inner child through kids yoga. Launch date: October 2016.

Kate also writes blogs for kids yoga and spiritual growth.