Spiritual Weight Loss

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It’s a funny thing, a woman’s mind. She can be the most beautiful creature that walked the earth yet deep inside she can feel like she is the ugliest, and this seems to be the general feeling that most women are experiencing on to much of a regular basis. It’s so strange that in modern society we have been programmed to judge yourself for every crease on our face and body. And even if we do think we look good, we should be very embarrassed if anyone gives us a compliment. I hear young boys say ‘she knows she is fit, I don’t like that’, as in women being confident in how she appears is some kind of link to her personality in a negative way.

Some link being confident to being easy with men, it’s crazy that we do not empower women!

What I find most interesting is what are we actually comparing ourselves to?

Is it the other woman who are going through the same self-harming thoughts?

Is it the woman in the magazine that has had an army of makeup artists and stylists who have spent 6 months making it look like that moment in time that has been captured by the camera is what they look like when they get out of bed in the morning?
If this is the case we are comparing ourselves to others in the public eye or those around us then we can never achieve inner confidence in us because guess what we aren’t them! Yes we are unique, special, one of a kind and that should be tattooed all over us… well maybe not in real terms but you get my point.

Our society has not allowed us to celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, and colour, thankfully I see that this is changing. But for us almost 40’s who grew up with Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss to compare one’s self too we have paved the way of this self-doubt and passed it onto our children. So much so we see young girls being obsessed with the Kardashians lips, hips or whatever all the fuss is about and doing dangerous things to attain ‘that look’. We have a rise in eating disorders, mental health issues in young children Yes these issues are real and it came from what we think in our mind.

This was me until a few short years ago, comparing, trying to lose weight, be slimmer healthy, better skin.. when I realised after many many weight loss gimmicks, courses, weight loss plans, juicing and god knows what that my body was never going to be perfect in my mind.

Now let’s investigate that. ‘My body never going to be perfect in my mind… because my mind was seeing how I should look: Posh Spice arms. Naomi Campbell legs. Angelina Jolie lips, and my body was never going to achieve that.

And what moves even if I achieve my weight loss perfect body, my face wouldn’t look a certain way. You see this is where it will catch you.. this pattern continues, there is always something: straighter teeth, younger looking face, nicer knees, longer legs, stronger nails.. it is and will always be a case of chasing something that isn’t perfect in your mind.

I suddenly understood that I would have to shift my mindset. I needed to reclaim my crown rather than have this continuous battle between body and mind. Yes, it’s a battle that takes energy and takes you away from being happy. It takes the focus away from your family, your friends, your job. Every moment you are thinking about how not perfect you look is like being in a really bad relationship. It’s draining and certainly not fun! When you look at it, really look at it how much time do you think about what you eat, what you are driving, and whether you can have chocolate if you will fit in those jeans and how will it look. I’m exhausted thinking about it, it’s a battle.

These simple methods helped me so I wanted to share with you, but don’t get too obsessed about it, that’s going back into battles, have a go and if you like them and you feel empowered then great.

Basically, Empower Thyself so that you can Reclaim Your Crown!


Shift your mindset by saying you actually like your body.

Yes, talking to my body is the first step.

I like you legs, I like you belly, I like you arms and so on.. obviously don’t do this whilst others are around at first until you get confident but this is the most amazing tool you can pass to your children.

I’m now able to say I love you belly, I think you look amazing. Which I could not do before and mean it. Oh yes, you need to mean it!

But does this really help? In quantum physics Dr Bruce Lipton shows us that if we command the cells in the body they react to what we are saying .. yes it’s that simple! He actually used this to heal cells that had a disease in them, so I used this exact same technique to aid my healthy body.


I thanked the body fat that had protected me and asked it to leave with ease and grace and I did this every day. I asked for all fat cells that were no longer needed to leave and thanked them. I explained I no longer needed protection around my belly, my thighs, my upper arms.

Using this technique allowed me to release which is a key aspect in any loss. Loss of stress anxiety, weight,


I started to wear clothes that I really liked and got rid of all the clothes that I didn’t FEEL goo away or donated them. even if you have spent £500 on that catsuit in homage to Ab Fab , it’s time to let it go if it makes you feel all flab and not Ab Fab!


I took extra care of what makeup I wore, I don’t wear much as I’m lazy but I made sure what I did wear was good organic produce to show my body that I cared. I did the same with shampoo and conditioner and body wash – I spent more money on them for sure but I was showing my body I loved it and it was deserved of only the best.


I decided to stop hardcore exercising and choose exercises I would really like to do. I love yoga so I just concentrated on a small amount of yoga in the mornings as that is what suits my routine, I exercised in pants/knickers (for a good reason I may add) and a top so I could see my body and I made sure that I complimented it after a pose or the session. I also choose walking in the park, this I did not do in pants and knickers but tried to be mindful of the way my body was moving and thanked it as we walked.


Next on my spiritual weight loss program was meditation, I practice meditation every day but I started to use it to calm my body down, to relax my body, to release the stress.

Science tells us that stress, otherwise known as fight or flight causes weight gain, so strenuous exercise again is not always the healthy choice we think it is. Those hardcore classes or log runs have an impact on your body and if you are stressed already this can cause the body to keep your running on adrenaline which can have nasty side effects long term.

30 minutes of meditation dedicated to my body, sometimes 10 minutes, whatever I can manage, but I always did 5 minutes per day!

I started to fall in love with my body, my heart was now seeing my body and my mind well my mind still had its moments but I let those pass.

I started to see my body as beautiful and I started to feel really good about how I looked.

I realised that I was nourishing all parts of me not just my physical body and in doing so my body was able to let go of what it no longer needed, the weight, the stress, the anxiety, the fear, the judgment all started to disappear and what replaced it was, happiness, love, contentment.

If you would like to receive the Spiritual Weight Loss meditation, please click here. It’s just a short 12minute version I popped on the voice recorder for you to get started. Feel free to adapt it to your needs (if you have a thyroid issue you can talk to the thyroid, etc).

or join me on my Spiritual Weight Loss program email me kate@reclaimyourcrown.co.uk




Kate teaches many spiritual classes, such as Empower Thyself, around the world in an ancient mystery school lineage. She is most well known for creating her global company Mini Me Yoga using her spiritual gifts and classes. Her unique ability to take ancient magick practices, that were and are used by the royals and powerful, to help modern day problems has created a global demand for her classes, sessions and speaking engagements.


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