Kate teaches many spiritual classes, such as Empower Thyself, around the world receiving her training from the Modern Mystery School, lineage of King Salomon. She works with clients from all over the world, including members of Royal families who have attended her classes as well as healing sessions with her on a regular basis.

Her client list ranges from the stay at home mama to CEO’s, artists, music industry executives/artists, media professionals, TV and Film, Medical Doctors and education professionals, anyone that is ready to be the best version of themselves find Kate when they are ready to make the changes needed to so just that.

She is well known for creating her global company Mini Me Yoga using her spiritual gifts and classes. Her unique ability to take ancient magick practices, that were and are used by the royals and powerful, to help solve modern day problems has created a global demand for her classes, sessions and speaking engagements.

Her background as an entrepreneur has been recognised in the business world. Being nominated for Grazia business woman of the year, as well as featured in TV shows in the UK on how to run successful businesses. She has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and on the front page of the Financial Times for her business achievements at just 27 years old.

She has used her physic gifts all her life to create a successful life but knew there was more and wanted to help others develop their gifts to reach their full potentail and to reclaim their crown and live the royal life.

Once she had found the master teachers she had been searching for all her life, things began to fall into place and she began to understand ‘What I was here to do’, ‘Who I really was’ and ‘Where I came from’.

She had been trained by some of the most powerful initiates on the planet who have handed down sacred tools that have been used for over 8000 years. She is authorised to hand these tools to those that are ready and does so all over the world, working in the Middle East, USA, Europe and Japan.

She offers packages to help those that want to progress in their life so that she can support them to navigate day to day issues, business growth and advanced spiritual training.

Please contact her for a free consultation.